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Relocated to miss_bluesky

20 September 1988
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Relocated to miss_bluesky.

So, I'm updating my bio (since it still had utterly irrelevant info from two years ago in it). My real name is Emma (my username being an amalgam of the name of a character in the book The Hours and the name of the protagonist of Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway). I keep thinking I might change my username, but I haven't decided to what yet...

I'm seventeen, live in England, and my chief passion is singing. I am (at the moment, and I hope it stays this way) a very high soprano (with coloratura potential, for those of you who are vocalists). However. For the first eight years that I sang, I did so with an extremely poor teacher who started me off on some very damaging habits, and performing's a bit of a tough one at the moment. I'm getting better every day, though.

I do a lot of acting (can't dance though - except stupidly, in my room, to ELO), and also play the piano, and a little organ and accordion. I'm crazy about the movies Moulin Rouge (my Year Eleven prom dress being themed on the aforementioned - I still need to find somewhere else to wear it) and Amélie. I'll listen to *almost* any music, if it's good, but I'm into classical and alternative, my favourite musician being Yann Tiersen (although The Divine Comedy comes pretty close...actually, to heck with that, they can fight each other for first place). I like Michael Nyman, and Mozart is my celebrity crush (though he's vying for first place with the perhaps rather more commercial but BEAUTIFUL David Tennant). I have a wonderful boyfriend. And I knit.

Oh, and I also love shiny things O_o

relocating to miss_bluesky